Type E Type Rubber Metal Buffers

Type E type Rubber metal buffers Material: Metal material: steel zinc-plated, strength 5.6 Rubber material: NR natural rubber Shore A, color black Characteristics of TYPE E with an internal thread and a closed side Tensile strength: 15-30 N / mm² Tensile elongation: 100 - 600% The cylindrical...

Product Details

The cylindrical rubber-metal buffers of the type E are suitable for elastic, noise- and vibration-reducing suspension or storage and for improved stability of sensitive devices and machines.

Rubber buffers find their use as a resilient and stable shock and vibration damping for the shock absorption of sensitive devices. They are suitable for pressure and thrust loads for different vibration application areas. Thereby, e.g. Aggregates, motors, pumps in the field of light engineering and the electrical industry are protected within the load limits.

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