Rubber Shock Isolators Stop Buffers Mountings

SVKS design, manufacture and supply rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded anti vibration mountings for all types of industrial application where the primary objective is to eliminate harmful vibrations, noise and shock.

Product Details

Rubber Shock Isolators Stop Buffers Mountings



Material: NR, NBR, CR, SI

Size chart 

     Diameter(mm)      Height (mm) M     MOQ  Quantity
 1015M4 200PCS
 2020 M4/M5200PCS

Performance: Super Anti-vibration
Adhesive Capacity: 30gk/CM2
Tensile Force: 300%
Rubber Hardness Tolerance: 30-70 shore a

rubber isolator.jpg

DD Type Anti vibration mounting (7).jpg

rubber damper.jpg

DD Type anti vibration mounting stock (4).jpg

1. Oil resistant.Heat resistant.Good wear resistance
2. Imported production equipment, excellent production technology
3. Strict manufacture quality inspection
4. Environmental protection, non-toxic.