High Performance TC TB TA SA Type FKM Viton Oil Seals

SVKS seal-tech are supplying professional oil seals, such as TC/TB/SA/SA, etc types and automotives/tractor/truck/trailer oil seals. Custom oil seals can be made with customs' request. Oil seal consists of three parts: the seal body, strengthen the skeleton and the self-tightening spiral...

Product Details

High-Performance TC TB TA SA Type FKM Viton Oil Seals

Product Description

  1. Size: More sizes available and accepts yours.

  2. Material: NBR, FKM, SILICONE, ACM etc

  3. Spring: One spring energized

  4. Lip: Double Lip

  5. Description: Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Height

  6. Hardness: 60-90 Shore A

  7. Color: Black, Grey, Brown etc

  8. Application: plz choose according to sizes which can be used in many different cars.

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