NBR FKM Vee Packing For Plunger Pump

NBR,FKM,PTFE material fabric reinforced vee packing for plunger pump.

Product Details

NBR FKM vee packing for plunger pump 

V-packings are for sealing piston rods and pistons. Due to their profile, V-packings can be used for both outside and inside sealing.
The use of plastics with good stability of shape has im- proved the characteristics of conventional V-packings.
Standard versions contain pressure and support rings of POM or PA and V-packings of fibre reinforced NBR. The DMD1/DMD2 series has additional NBR V-packings.
The total width is determined by the number of V-pack- ings used (up to five). Non-adjustable installation grooves can be compensated by distance rings, if ne- cessary.

The width of the support and the pressure ring can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. The stated di- mensions m and k are recommended sizes only.

vee packing10

Product Name

vee packing for plunger pump

SizeAny size we can produce.
ColorGreen ,Red,Black,Brown,white and any other color.


Images oNBR FKM vee packing for plunger pump  

What is the normal delivery time for product orders?

The average delivery time of the sample is 1 weeks. If the mold production is involved, the delivery cycle of the production mold is 10 days, and the average production time after the sample is approved is 1-2 weeks.


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