NBR Nitrile Viton Silicone Rubber Quad Rings

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Product Details

Quad Rings are four-lobed seals with a geometry that provides twice the number of sealing surfaces when compared to that of a standard O-ring.

A Quad Seal is able to seal at lower pressures, is less prone to spiral twisting in a reciprocal application and its four-lobed configuration means that damage to any particular lobe will be much less likely to cause seal failure. A Quad Seal will also seal where a lack of interface means that use of a standard O-ring is less feasible. 

Quad Rings can be used in standard O-ring grooves or used in deeper Quad Ring- specific grooves which result in less friction and longer seal life.

SVKS Seal stocks many different sized Quad Rings in either 70 Durometer Nitrile, or 75 Durometer Viton.

Quad X rings material options:


And other custom rubber materials

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