Clear Rubber O-Ring Mechanical Keyboard

O-Rings are rubber circular rings that are put on switch stems which alter the travel of the keycap switch and dampens the sounds of the keycaps bottoming out. O-Rings come in different variations, CandyKeys sells different variants with different ring thicknesses, depending on the size, the travel distances can be reduced by 0.2 to 0.4mm of the total 4mm. This modification is very common amongst mechanical keyboard users because most users bottom out when typing or gaming and the unwanted sound is dampened by O-rings. This service includes the removal of keycaps, O-ring installation on each switch and the re-installation of keycaps. This service (product) should be added to your cart with O-rings & a mechanical keyboard from our store.

Product Details

Clear Rubber O-Ring Mechanical Keyboard

0.2mm travel reduction.

Sound reduction with the minimal change in feel.

Shock absorption minimizes finger fatigue

O-Rings are used to silence, suppress and shorten the switching stroke.

Mechanical keyboards have 32 to 107 buttons. You buy 120 pieces (a few on stock).

Very easy assembly, just remove the key (KeyCaps) and apply O-RING to the plastic KeyCaps fixing on the Cherry MX switch.

Technical data:

- O-RING has an internal diameter of 5 mm, an external diameter of 8 mm, a thickness of 1.5 mm

- white (colorless)

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