PTFE Encapsulated FKM seal o ring

NBR material X ring for pump cylinder Rubber X Rings Detailed Information: X-ring seal is a kind of rubber seal whose cross section is X shaped. NBR/Silicone/FKM/EPDM X rings are the most commonly used X rings. Advantages of Rubber X Ring: Excellent features of Heat/Ozone/Chemical/Oil/Aging...

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PTFE Encapsulated FKM seal o ring

PTFE Material decription 

PTFE composite gasket is based on PTFE and high-quality full into the rubber material, the use of special manufacturing process and become a new type of sealing material, it integrated the excellent characteristics  rubber, make the product possesses excellent corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, non-toxic, viscous resistance, but also has good elasticity and tightness.


 Features:has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature, non-toxic, anti - stickiness, and good elasticity and sealing.



encapsulated o -ring


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