Red Color Silicone Rubber Diaphragm

Rubber diaphragm mainly refer to rubber seals used in hydraulic brake systems, clutch operating systems, and afterburner pump systems to transmit pressure and seal in cars, light vehicles, vans, and trucks. Rubber diaphragm are also used in home appliances, such as rubber diaphragm used on the cylinders of double-cylinder washing machines, which seal the cylinders. Rubber diaphragm is one of the most important and widely used rubber products in rubber products.

Product Details

The rubber diaphragm can be divided into a main cylinder rubber diaphragm and a wheel cylinder rubber diaphragm according to the use part. The main rubber diaphragm also includes the main rubber diaphragm and the auxiliary rubber diaphragm, which are used in single-chamber and tandem double-chamber brake master cylinders . Wheel cylinder rubber diaphragm are used in all wheel cylinders except disc brakes.


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