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Use Parts Of Oil Seals

Jul 31, 2017

Oil seals commonly known as oil protection ring, is the car to maintain the rotating parts are not less non-metallic accessories. Commonly used skeleton type oil seal is composed of metal skeleton ring, steel wire spring circle and rubber seal layer.

Oil seals are the customary appellation of general seals, as the name suggests: Oil seals are used to seal oil (oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, but also refers to the general liquid substance) of the mechanical components. From the seal of oil seals, characteristics, structure types, Oil Seals working conditions and sealing mechanism can be divided into many forms and different names, but the usual rotary shaft lip seal ring is called oil seals, static seals and dynamic seals (general reciprocating movement) sealed parts called seals. Generally, the definition of seals is not very meaningful. More attention is paid to the actual application of oil seals and to solve the role of leakage in the sealing device.

Role of oil seals:

1. Prevent silt, dust, water vapor and other from intrusion bearing;

2. Limit the lubricating oil in the bearing.

Oil seals are used to seal the oil of the mechanical components, Oil Seals it will drive parts of the need to lubricate the components and output components to isolate, not to let the lubricant leakage. Seals are called seals for static and dynamic seals (general reciprocating motion). Oil seal is the representative form of TC Oil seal, which is a rubber fully coated with a tight spring of the double lip oil seal, generally speaking, the oil seal often refers to this TC skeleton oil seal.

Use and location of oil seals:

1, Engine: crankshaft-crankshaft front and rear oil seal;

2, Valve-valve oil seals (engine repair kits O-ring) (distributor oil seals, pump oil seals, balance shaft oil seals, oil seals, etc.); 3, camshaft-camshaft oil seal;

4, Transmission: transmission--transmission before and after the oil seal;

5, Shift rod oil SEAL (Transmission repair package O-ring) (the Distributor-the distributor before the oil seal);

6, rear axle: Front half axle, rear half axle oil seal

7, Differential: (before) the angle of oil seal, Oil Seals rear wheel oil seal front wheel;

8, direction of oil seals (Direction machine repair package O-ring) Direction Booster Oil Seal (front half axle oil seal).

All the liquid lubricating oil in the running body box and the parts which are connected with the external are required oil seal. Some are rubber, some are metal, most are steel-reinforced rubber, such as crankshaft oil seals, gearbox before and after oil seals, left and right half shaft oil seals, main reducer front oil seals, air compressor crankshaft oil seals, etc.