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The Use Of Hydraulic Seal Performance

Sep 22, 2017

Hydraulic seal is the most important and effective means to solve the problem of hydraulic and pneumatic system leakage. If the system is not bad, there may be no external leakage, leakage of oil will pollute the environment; also may make air and dust into the system, affecting the system performance and the implementation of component movement of the smoothness (such as crawling); Serious, the system volumetric efficiency is too low, Hydraulic Seal even the working pressure can not meet the required value. If the seal is excessive, although it can prevent leakage, but will cause severe wear of the sealing part, shorten the life of the seal, increase the hydraulic frictional resistance within the components, reducing the mechanical efficiency of the system. Therefore, the rational selection and design of the sealing device in the hydraulic and pneumatic system design is very important.

First, the hydraulic seal on the sealing device requirements

1. In the working pressure and a certain temperature range, Hydraulic Seal should have a good sealing performance, and with the increase in pressure can automatically improve the sealing performance.

2. The friction between the sealing device and the moving parts is small and the friction coefficient is stable.

3. Anti-corrosion ability, not aging, long working life, good wear resistance, Hydraulic Seal wear to a certain extent, can automatically compensate.

4. Simple structure, use, easy maintenance, low prices.

Second, the type and characteristics of hydraulic sealing and sealing devices

Hydraulic seal according to its working principle can be divided into non-contact seal and contact seal. The former mainly refers to the gap seal, which refers to the seal seal.

1. Gap seal Gap seal is by the relative movement of the mating surface between the small gap to be sealed, commonly used in the plunger, piston or valve in the cylinder with the deputy, Hydraulic Seal usually in the outer surface of the spool to open a few equidistant Of the pressure equalization groove, its main role is to make the radial pressure distribution uniformity, reduce the hydraulic clamping force, while the spool in the hole on the neutral good to reduce the gap to reduce the leakage of this seal is the advantage of Friction is small, Hydraulic Seal the disadvantage is not automatically compensated after wear, mainly for smaller diameter between the cylindrical surface, such as the hydraulic pump between the plunger and cylinder, spool valve and valve hole between the coordination.

Hydraulic seal the use of performance, material, structure, sealing mechanism and the impact of pottery commonly used hydraulic seal sealing performance factors, Hydraulic Seal through the selection of suitable materials and suitable structure of the hydraulic seal, and take the appropriate protective measures to maximize the Ceramic factory commonly used hydraulic seal sealing performance and economic benefits of enterprises.