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The DPRK And South Korean Leaders Sign The Panmunjom Declaration To End The State Of War

May 02, 2018

According to the Yonhap News Agency, on the afternoon of the 27th, South Korean President Wen Jae-ho and North Korea‚Äôs top leaders signed the Panmunjom Declaration and issued a joint agreement after the end of the Korean-Korean summit. 

The leaders of the ROK and Kyrgyzstan agreed to strive to announce the end of the war during the year and urged South Korea. 

The DPRK and the United States or the ROK-DPRK talks between the United States and China; the leaders of the two countries also announced that they will stop all acts of hostility against each other. 

The agreements include: 

1 Promoting a final war agreement and a peace agreement this year; 

2 Ending the military confrontation as soon as possible and realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula; 

3 Promoting the three-party talks between South Korea and the United States and the four-nation talks between China, the United States, South Korea and North Korea as soon as possible; 

4 President Wen Jiaxuan will visit in the autumn. Pyongyang.