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Structure Type Of Oil Seal

Jul 06, 2017

Oil seals commonly known as retaining oil ring, is the car to keep rotating parts essential non-metallic parts. Commonly used skeleton oil seal generally consists of metal skeleton ring, wire coil and rubber seal layer part.

The role of oil seal:

1. To prevent sediment, dust, Oil Seals moisture and other intrusion into the bearing;

2. Limit the leakage of lubricating oil in the bearing.

Oil seal is a kind of sealing ring, is used in the rotating, sliding parts combined with the environment, mainly to block the environment on both sides to prevent oil and oil leakage and dust into the water.

Oil seal material is usually oil-resistant rubber, used in the rotating parts, generally lined with iron (ring) fixed type, in the sealing diameter of the coil to increase the sealing effect, the general shape similar to the home pressure cooker ring;

Valve stem seal (Valve stem seal) generally by the outer skeleton and fluorine rubber co-vulcanization, the mouth part of the self-tight spring or wire, Oil Seals for the engine valve stem seal, is a kind of oil seal.

Can prevent the oil into the intake and exhaust pipe, resulting in oil loss, to prevent the mixture of gasoline and air and exhaust emissions, to prevent the engine oil into the combustion chamber. The valve seal is one of the important parts of the engine valve group and is in contact with gasoline and oil at high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to use a material excellent in heat resistance and oil resistance, Oil Seals and is generally made of fluorine rubber.

The role of oil seal is simply used to seal the oil, the purpose is not to reducer internal oil leakage. And the oil is the gear transmission system essential liquid material, so the oil seal in the reducer play a role is to ensure that oil is not leaked. The most common type of oil seal is monomer type and assembly type. Reducer output, the input has oil seal device, with the reducer work longer, Oil Seals the oil temperature also will rise. And the oil seal can play a protective reducer bearing and oil leakage, so as to maintain the normal oil reducer. The oil is a liquid material, it is volatile, with the higher the temperature to evaporate faster. Oil Seals Reducer oil quality, life is directly related to the quality of the oil seal, so good quality oil seal, for the reducer to improve working hours and life. The oil seal, on the other hand, has also helped to prevent the waste of resources (oil) and the cost increase.

In the reducer selection, the quality of the oil seal and how its structure is necessary to understand one of the reducer selection. The above is a brief introduction to the role of reducer oil seal, but also to understand from other aspects.

Sealing according to the sealing effect, characteristics, structure type, working condition and sealing mechanism can be divided into various forms and different names. Oil seal can be divided into low speed oil seal (less than 6m / s) and high speed oil seal (greater than 6m / s). According to the oil seal can withstand the pressure level classification, can be divided into atmospheric pressure oil seal and pressure type (greater than 0.05Mpa) oil seal. According to the oil seal structure and sealing principle classification, Oil Seals can be divided into standard oil seal and power return type oil seal. In addition, according to the composition of oil seal components classification, can be divided into a skeleton-type oil seal and no skeleton-type oil seal; a spring-type oil seal and no spring-type oil seal.

Labyrinth oil seal: Labyrinth oil seal with the shaft of the gap can not be too large or too small, the gap is too small easy to wear shaft, too large oil leakage, Oil Seals and because the seal fixed on the shell and the axis relative fixed, can not adapt and compensation axis Of the floating, the shaft vibration will be more oil seal gap, resulting in oil spills.

Rubber skeleton oil seal: rubber skeleton oil seal by the metal skeleton with rubber wrapped, sealing the inside of the inside in order to effectively coax with the floating, Oil Seals especially with a spring, although overcome the labyrinth seal can not move with the lack of shaft, but the shaft Resulting in wear and tear, their own will wear, to a certain extent will lead to oil spills.

Felt-type oil seal: Felt-type oil seal is in the bearing cover on the processing of a "V" groove, with its own elastic effect on the shaft for sealing, but easy to suck small particles to make the blanks lose their elasticity, can not compensate for shaft vibration, resulting in failure oil The