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Silicone Rubber Seal Has Excellent Thermal Stability

Oct 19, 2017

Silicone rubber oil seal is the main feature in the -100 degrees Celsius to +300 degrees Celsius range of long-term to maintain its rubber elasticity effect, at 400 degrees Celsius can work hours, VMQ Oil Seal high temperature performance, in addition, also has excellent thermal stability Nature, electrical insulation, weatherability, ozone resistance, air permeability, high transparency, excellent heat dissipation and excellent adhesion, fluidity and mold release. In the use temperature range, silicone rubber is not able to keep A certain softness, resilience and surface hardness and mold release, in the use of temperature range, VMQ Oil Seal silicone rubber is not able to maintain a certain softness, resilience and surface hardness, mechanical properties and no significant changes, and low resistance Long heat aging.

Silicone rubber seal the special performance, is widely used in aviation, instrumentation, electronic appliances, navigation, metallurgy, machinery, automotive, medical and other parts of the seal.

Silicone rubber seal is made of silicone rubber ring products, it is a silicone rubber products in a classification, the general composition of the silicone rubber seal is the main material is VMQ-methyl vinyl silicone rubber.

It can be high temperature can also be resistant to low temperature, while in the sealing and dielectric properties have good characteristics, so the silicone rubber seal commonly used to produce a variety of seals, VMQ Oil Seal elegant wire and cable, high and low temperature silicone rubber products hose And at the same time because the silicone rubber seal with silicone rubber products, VMQ Oil Seal non-toxic colorless and tasteless characteristics.