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Silicone Rubber Oil Seal Has Thermal Stability

Aug 21, 2017

Silicone rubber (Silicone rubber; mq) means that the main chain is made up of silicon and oxygen atoms, usually with two of organic groups of rubber on the silicon atom. The introduction of the silicone rubber can improve the resistance to high and low temperature, and the introduction of Tri-fluoro-propyl and Cyano can improve the temperature and oil resistance of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber with good low-temperature resistance, generally under the -55℃ can still work.

Silicone rubber oil seals are the main characteristics of 100 degrees Celsius to + 300 degrees Celsius in the range of long-term to maintain its rubber elasticity, at 400 degrees Celsius time can work for several hours, VMQ Oil Seal high temperature performance, in addition, also has excellent thermal stability, electrical insulation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, permeability, high transparency, excellent heat dissipation and excellent adhesion, liquidity and demoulding, in the use of temperature range, VMQ Oil Seal silicone rubber to maintain a certain degree of softness, Resilience and surface hardness and demoulding, in the use of temperature range, silicone rubber to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, resilience and surface hardness, mechanical properties have no significant change, VMQ Oil Seal and can be low resistance to long time thermal aging.

Some special silicone rubber has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance and the use of low-temperature at the supermarket and other characteristics. The fluorine silicone rubber, on the basis of both excellent performance of silicone rubber, but also has oil, solvent-resistant, chemical resistance and other characteristics, so that the application of silicone rubber extended to a variety of oil medium, acid medium, VMQ Oil Seal chemical solvent medium environment, is currently the only 60 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius in the use of fuel medium elastomer, is a very promising engine seal material. But similar to the silica gel, the strength is poor, the surface can be low, belongs to the verification bonding material.

Because of the special performance of silicone rubber seals, it is widely used in the aspects of aviation, instrumentation, electronic appliances, navigation, metallurgy, machinery, automobiles, VMQ Oil Seal medical and health and other parts of the seal.