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Rubber Shock Absorber Advantages

Feb 14, 2017

(1) be free to determine the shape, by adjusting the formula to control the hardness of rubber, can meet the requirements of stiffness and strength in all directions;

(2) internal friction, damping effect, conducive to crossing the resonance region and attenuation of high frequency vibration and noise;

(3) the modulus of elasticity is much smaller than the metal, can produce large elastic deformation;

(4) no sliding part and easy to maintain;

(5) small, convenient installation and removal.

(6) shock stiffness above the static and dynamic stiffness and impact deformation [1].

The main field of application

1, automotive rubber shock absorber

2, railway locomotives and railway sleeper pad rubber damping products

3, a bridge with a rubber shock absorber

4, construction with rubber shock absorbers