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Rubber Shock Absorber

Feb 14, 2017


Rubber damping of the shock absorber as an important element has been widely used in various types of machinery, vehicles, railway locomotives, water transport, aircraft and other aircraft. It can be said that all need to shock absorption and isolation of rubber shock absorbers is required.

Rubber shock absorber is so widely used is because it is a valid use of the rubber of the following features:

1) rubber with high elasticity and viscoelasticity;

2) compared with the iron and steel materials, elastic deformation of rubber is very large, the elastic modulus is small;

3) shock stiffness is higher than the dynamic stiffness of rubber, is greater than the static stiffness dynamic stiffness, help to reduce the impact and dynamic deformation;

4) stress-strain curve for the oval-shaped delay line, whose area is equal to each vibration cycle into heat vibration (damping), can be adjusted through the formulation of;

5) is incompressible rubber materials (Poisson's ratio of 0.5);

6) rubber shape is free to choose, the hardness can be adjusted through the formulation, can meet the requirements of different stiffness and strength.