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Rubber Seal Performance

Feb 14, 2017

We usually speak of natural rubber, which refers to the natural latex from rubber trees collected and after solidification, drying processes are made of solid material. Natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene as the main ingredient of natural polymers, the molecular formula is (C5H8) n, the polymer (Polyisoprene) content in the above 90%, also contains a small amount of protein, fatty acids, sugars and ash, and so on.

The physical properties of natural rubber. Natural rubber at room temperature, has high elasticity, slightly plastic, has a very good mechanical strength, hysteresis losses, in the many variants low heat, so the Flex is also very good, and because of non-polar rubbers, so good electrical insulation properties.

Rubber, plastics, fibers and called three synthetic material, is the only highly scalable and very good elasticity of polymer materials. Modulus of elasticity of rubber, the main character is first and foremost a very small and high elongation. Second is that it has a very good resistance to permeability and chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. Some special synthetic rubber with good oil resistance and temperature resistance, resistance to fatty oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, fuel oils and solvent swelling; Hardy to as low as-60 c to-80 c, heat-resistant up to + 180 ° c to + 350 c. Rubber resistance to flexing and bending deformation, because of small hysteresis. Rubber's third feature is that it can with a variety of materials, blends, composites, which was modified in order to get good performance.