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Outside Ends Spring Energized Seals

May 19, 2017

Product Description

V seals/V-spring seals/Spring energized seal is made up of a corrosion resistance spring(stainless steel) and a U shape ring with PTFE filler. When the systerm pressure is zero, the spring supply the pre-stressing force. The systerm pressure increases at first after the pressure medium in U shape making the lip appressing cylinder. So, the V seals/V-spring seals/Spring energized seal can keep good sealling in the pressure changing progress.

Inner diameter :>=3mm
Spring: V type, H type, C type, O type
Spring Material: SS304,SS316
U shape ring material: PTFE, PTFE+ Graphite, UPE, PTFE+Polyphenyl ester, etc
Color:white, black, yellow, orange, brown, gray, blue

Operating limit
Pressure: 700kg/cm2
Tempereture: -200--300oC
line velocity:20m/s

Lower friction
Located precision, no creepage
Resistance to temperature sudden change and higher temperature
Excellent corrosion resistance
Suitable for almost fluid and chemical solvent medium
Seals be used in food, medical industry with right material