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O-Rings Apply To All Kinds Of Mechanical Equipment

Jul 31, 2017

O-Ring (o-rings) is a circular rubber seal ring, because its section is O-shaped, it is called O-ring, also known as O-ring. began to appear in the 19th century century, when it was used as a seal for the steam engine cylinder.

O-Ring specification models are mainly UHSO-ring specifications, UHPO-ring specifications, UNO-ring specifications, DHO-ring specifications, Piston rod O-ring specifications, High temperature o-ring, high pressure O-ring, corrosion-resistant O-ring, wear-resistant O-ring. O-Ring Application Introduction: Hole with YX type O-ring product use: for reciprocating motion hydraulic cylinder piston seal. Applicable scope: TPU: General hydraulic cylinder, universal equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: Hydraulic cylinder for construction machinery and high temperature, high-pressure oil cylinder. Material: Polyurethane TPU, CPU, rubber. Product Hardness: Hs85±2°a work temperature: TPU:-40~+80℃, CPU: -40~+120℃ work pressure: ≤32MPA working medium: Hydraulic oil, emulsion. YX type hole with block O-ring product use: This standard applies to the oil cylinder working pressure is greater than 16MPa with YX type seal ring use, or oil cylinder eccentric force, to protect the role of the sealing ring. Working temperature: -40~+100 degree. Working medium: Hydraulic oil, emulsion, Molded O Ring aquatic product hardness: HS 92±5a Material: PTFE. YX Type O-ring for shaft use: for reciprocating motion hydraulic cylinder piston rod seals applicable scope: TPU: General hydraulic cylinder, universal equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: Hydraulic cylinder for construction machinery and high temperature, high-pressure oil cylinder. Material: Polyurethane TPU, CPU, Rubber products hardness: Hs85±2°a working temperature: TPU:-40~+80℃cpu: -40~+120℃ work Pressure: ≤32mpa, working medium: Hydraulic oil, emulsion. O-Ring sealing excellent performance, high working life, Molded O Ring dynamic pressure seal working life than conventional rubber sealing products 5-10 times higher, up to dozens of times times, in some conditions can be with the sealing matrix with the same life. O-Ring friction resistance is small, dynamic, friction equal, is "0" rubber ring friction/, can eliminate low-speed, low pressure movement "crawling" phenomenon. O-Ring high wear-resisting, sealing surface after wearing an automatic elastic compensation function. O-Ring good self-lubricating performance. Molded O Ring Can be used as oil-free lubrication seal. O-Ring structure is simple, easy to install. O-Ring working pressure: 0-300MPA; working speed: ≤15m/s; working temperature:-55-250 degrees. O-Ring applicable medium: Hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, crude oil, emulsion, water-glycol, acid.

O-Ring Application Range

The O-ring is suitable for loading on a variety of mechanical equipment, Molded O Ring in the specified temperature, pressure, and different liquids and gas medium, in the static or moving state of the sealing effect. In Machine tools, ships, automobiles, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, and various types of instrumentation, a large number of applications of various types of sealing elements. O-rings are mainly used for static seals and reciprocating motion seals. For rotating motion seals, it is limited to low-speed rotary seals. O-ring is generally installed in the outer circle or the inner circle with a rectangular groove inside the trench sealing effect. O-Ring in the oil-resistant, acid-base, grinding, Molded O Ring chemical erosion and other environments still play a good sealing, damping effect. Therefore, O-ring is one of the most widely used seals in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

O-Ring Advantages

O-Ring compared with other types of seals, has the following advantages:-Suitable for a variety of sealing forms: static seals, dynamic seals for a variety of use materials, size and groove has been standardized, interchangeability strong-suitable for a variety of sports: rotational motion, axial reciprocating movement, Molded O Ring or combination movement (such as rotating reciprocating movement)--suitable for a variety of different sealing media: oil, water, gas, chemical medium or other mixed medium through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formulations designed to achieve oil, water, air, Molded O Ring Gas and various chemical medium effective sealing effect. The temperature range is wide (-60℃~+ 220 ℃), and the pressure can reach 1500kg/cm2 (with the reinforcement ring). --Simple design, compact structure, easy to disassemble the O-ring section structure is extremely simple, and has a self sealing effect, reliable sealing performance. Because the O-ring itself and the installation of the structure are extremely simple, and has become standardized, so the installation of replacement is very easy. The variety of materials can be selected according to different fluids: there are NBR (NBR), fluorine rubber (FKM), Silicone Rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene Rubber (EPDM), Neoprene (CR), Butyl rubber (BU), PTFE (PTFE), Natural rubber (NR), etc.--low cost--the relatively small dynamic friction resistance