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O-ring With Self-sealing Effect

Oct 30, 2017

O-rings are made of nitrile rubber, silicone, fluoro glue, for dynamic sealing of hydraulic pneumatic components (piston seal, piston rod seal) and static seal (axial seal). It is the most widely used seal in hydraulic engineering (low speed rotary seal only).

O-ring is widely used in a variety of machinery and equipment, in different temperatures, pressure and medium from the sealing effect, to prevent mechanical equipment, oil leakage, leakage and external environment, Molded O Ring media and dust invasion. O-ring is also installed in the groove, Molded O Ring the need for appropriate compression of the O-shaped section of the seal ring.

O-ring is also very much the advantages of the following:

1, simple structure, small size, the installation site is compact.

2, with self-sealing effect, without periodic adjustment

3, good sealing performance, static seal will not leak;

4, sports friction resistance is small, suitable for the occasion of pressure alternating;

5, size and groove has been achieved standardization, cheap, easy to use, Molded O Ring easy to use and purchase.

The widespread use of O-rings depends on the leadership of rubber ring sealing technology in the field of modern industrial sealing technology. At present, the various plant equipment, including daily necessities are commonly used O-type rubber seals. O-type rubber seal came about half a century, Molded O Ring at home and abroad has gradually formed a complete design, processing system. Because of its simple geometric shape, mold manufacturing process is relatively easy, low cost, the basic product to meet the needs of conventional sealing technology, with good economy.

With the development of production, acid and alkali corrosive media gradually increased, therefore, the rubber O-ring material put forward higher requirements. Molded O Ring Bo Yate company has been committed to acid and alkali corrosion rubber O-ring research and development, of course, in this regard Bo Yate company has made great achievements.