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O-ring Sealing Performance Is Good

Oct 19, 2017

The widespread use of O-rings depends on the leadership of rubber ring sealing technology in the field of modern industrial sealing technology. At present, the various plant equipment, including daily necessities are commonly used O-type rubber seals. O-ring came about half a century, Molded O Ring at home and abroad has gradually formed a complete design, processing system. Because of its simple geometric shape, mold manufacturing process is relatively easy, low cost, the basic product to meet the needs of conventional sealing technology, with good economy.

O-ring is a circular shape of the sealing element, it is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, in a certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gas medium to play a sealing effect, compared with other seals, Has the following superior performance:

①, sealed parts of the structure is simple, compact installation, and lighter weight.

②, self-sealing effect, Molded O Ring often only one seal will be able to complete the sealing effect.

③, good sealing performance, used as a fixed seal when almost no leakage, used as a sports seal, only when the speed is higher than some leakage.

④, movement friction resistance is very small, for the occasion of the pressure can also be adapted.

⑤, size and groove has been standardized, low cost, easy to use, easy to use and outsourcing

In order to make the O-ring has a good sealing effect and extend the service life, you must make O-ring installation groove and seal the gap between the design is appropriate, Molded O Ring when the gap is too large O-ring under the action of the pressure squeeze the gap Damage, causing leakage. When the working pressure is less than 9.8Mpa generally do not design retaining ring, when the pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa O-ring pressure surface is easy to be squeezed, should add ring; if one-way pressure, set a ring in the pressure surface, Molded O Ring If the two-way pressure will have to set up two retaining ring

O-ring is mainly used for fluid (such as: water, oil, air, chemical solvents, chemicals, etc.) static gap seal. Long-term use temperature at -60 ℃ to 220 ℃. Depending on the material, Molded O Ring the static use pressure is less than 20MPa. Sometimes used for dynamic, dynamic use of the pressure is less than 5MPa.