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O-ring Is Widely Used In Mechanical Equipment

Aug 21, 2017

O-Ring is a circular shape of the sealing element, it is widely used in a variety of machinery and equipment, in a certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gaseous medium to play a role in sealing, compared with other sealing ring, with the following advantages:

The ① and sealing parts are simple in structure, Molded O Ring compact in installation and light in weight.

②, has the self sealing function, often only uses one sealing piece to be able to complete the seal effect

③, good sealing performance, used as a fixed seal when almost no leakage, Molded O Ring used as a movement seal, only when the speed is high only a little leakage.

④, movement friction resistance is very small, for the pressure of the situation can also adapt to change.

⑤, size and groove have been standardized, low cost, Molded O Ring product easy to use and easy to outsource.

O-Ring Installation considerations

I. Requirements for installing O-rings

Before installing O-ring (o-type rubber seals), check the following:

1. Whether the angle of the introduction is processed by drawing the sharp edge is chamfer or round;

2. Whether the internal diameter to remove burr surface pollution;

3. Whether the seals and parts have been coated with grease or lubricating fluid (to ensure the compatibility of the Elastomer media, the recommended use of sealed liquid to lubricate);

4. Grease containing solid additives such as molybdenum disulfide and zinc sulfide shall not be used.

II. MANUAL Installation O-ring (o-type rubber seal ring):

1. Use no sharp edge tools;

2. Ensure that O-ring (o-type rubber seal ring) is not distorted, not excessive stretching o-ring (o-type rubber seal ring);

3. Use the auxiliary tools to install O-ring (o-type rubber seal ring) as far as possible, and ensure the correct positioning;

4. The O-ring (o-type rubber sealing ring) that is bonded with the sealing strip shall not be stretched at the junction.

Third, installation screws, spline, etc.

1. When the O-ring (o-type rubber seal ring) is stretched, it is necessary to use the mounting mandrel when the screws, spline, keyway etc. are used. The mandrel can be made of softer, Molded O Ring smoother metal or plastic without burrs or sharp edges.

2. When installing the clamping screws, Molded O Ring the screws should be symmetrically screwed and not be screwed in the direction.