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O-ring Excellent Performance

Jul 18, 2017

Before installing the O-ring, check the following:

1. Molded O Ring whether the introduction of the angle according to the drawings whether sharp chamfering or rounded;

2. whether the inner diameter of the burrs to remove the surface of pollution;

3. Whether the seals and parts have been coated with grease or lubricating fluid (to ensure that the elastomer of the media compatibility, it is recommended to use sealed liquid to lubricate);

4. Do not use grease containing solid additives, such as molybdenum disulfide, zinc sulfide.

Second, the manual installation of O-ring (O-type rubber seal):

1. Use tools without sharp edges;

2. Ensure that O-rings (O-type rubber seals) are not twisted and do not over-stretch O-rings (O-ring)

3. Install the O-ring (O-ring) with the aid of an auxiliary tool and ensure proper positioning.

4. For O-rings (O-rings) that are bonded with a seal, Molded O Ring do not stretch at the connection.

Third, the installation of screws, splines and so on

1. When the O-ring (O-type rubber seal) is stretched, the mounting mandrel must be used when passing screws, splines, keyways, etc. The mandrel can be made of softer, smooth metal or plastic, Molded O Ring with no burrs or sharp edges.

(FKM) is a synthetic macromolecule elastomer containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain. Due to the strong electronegativity of the fluorine atom, its strong electron-withdrawing ability enables the polymer molecular chain CC bond can be changed, the main price key is more stable; the same time, because the fluorine atom volume slightly larger than the hydrogen atoms, Molded O Ring can form a shielding effect on the molecular chain, from external erosion medium erosion. These structural features make it excellent performance with other rubbers such as high temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, good physical and mechanical properties and weatherability, electrical insulation and radiation resistance. In all synthetic rubber Comprehensive performance is best.

O-ring Application:

Fuel hose, fuel pipe, fuel pump and spray device seals, stem seal, power piston seal, crankshaft oil seal, universal joint gasket, all kinds of O-ring, air conditioning compressor seal.

At present, about 60% of the world's consumption of fluorine rubber is used in the automotive industry. Due to the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry, Molded O Ring the demand for fluorine rubber increased rapidly, in recent years with an average annual growth rate of 30%.