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O-ring Adaptability

Sep 22, 2017

O-rings as the basic sealing components of the hydraulic system, because of its low cost, easy to use, economical, fast and effective sealing effect, Molded O Ring making it the most widely used sealing components.

O-ring because of its low manufacturing costs and easy to use, which is widely used in a variety of dynamic and static sealing occasions.

O-ring is an automatic bi-directional sealing element. The pre-compression of the radial and axial aspects of the installation imparts the initial sealing capability of the O-ring itself. Molded O Ring It increases with the system pressure.

O-rings are vulcanized in molds. It is available in a wide range of sizes and can seal all liquid and gaseous media.

O-ring in the fluid sealing system has a variety of applications, with the rapid development of sealing components, the current O-ring as a static seal in the fluid seal system has a great advantage. Molded O Ring In order to make the O-ring as much as possible to play their own advantages, in the design application to take into account the installation to avoid damage to the O-ring, the fluid components should be chamfered, Molded O Ring remove the burr and slag dust. To prevent the O-ring in the groove twisted caused by sealing failure.

O-ring features and advantages

1) simple structure, small size, the installation site is compact;

2) with self-sealing effect, Molded O Ring do not need to adjust cyclically;

3) static seal can be done without leakage;

4) adaptability, wide use;

5) cheap.