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Metal Rubber Sealing Ring

Feb 14, 2017

Materials for metal rubber, which is a homogeneous elastic porous material, which not only has the elasticity of rubber but also has excellent characteristics of metal, under the temperature of-150~800℃. Also, could also come under pressure, within a certain range with the dual role of the bearing and seal. It's purpose:

(1) glass pipes; glass fiber reinforced plastic mortar pipe; fiberglass pipe jacking; cable protection pipe; pipe flue gas desulfurization; coal mine gas drainage pipe power plant desulphurization and dust removal;

(2) urban water supply and drainage pipe sealing;

(3) all kinds of pipe sealing (oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, sewage, water desalination, food processing, brewing and beverages pharmaceuticals);

(4) the sewerage and water pipelines, pipe seals;

(5) the water delivery main line tube and pipe sealing;

(6) oilfield water injection pipe seal;

(7) the hot water pipes, hot water sealing.