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Hydraulic Seal Performance

Sep 01, 2017

Hydraulic seal in the hydraulic system is essential, because the hydraulic drive is the use of liquid pressure to transmit power, the advantages and disadvantages of the sealing device will directly affect the hydraulic system performance. Such as the hydraulic cylinder seal is not good, it will cause serious leakage inside and outside, so that the force and working speed can not meet the design requirements, Hydraulic Seal resulting in reduced efficiency, increased power loss, waste oil, pollute the environment, and even cause a fire. Therefore, it is important to seal in a hydraulic system. Seals can be used to prevent oil leakage and external gas, dust, etc. into the hydraulic system. Of course, the hydraulic cylinder to be absolutely sealed is not possible. Hydraulic Seal Because the piston rod reciprocating, always bring out the oil. However, this leakage requires as little as possible. On the contrary, if the piston rod reciprocating motion, without the slightest oil, so that the piston rod in dry friction, but will affect the hydraulic cylinder performance and life.

Hydraulic seal is the core of the hydraulic equipment is the normal work of hydraulic equipment to ensure that the first must understand the factory hydraulic equipment work performance, working pressure, working oil temperature, Hydraulic Seal working medium hydraulic oil and the size of the movement and other environmental conditions, but also must understand the hydraulic Sealed the structure, sealing characteristics, price and sealing material performance, to ensure that the seal, sealing surface, seal groove design and manufacturing quality and assembly quality of the seal, Hydraulic Seal enhance the pollution of hydraulic oil and protective awareness, to strengthen the hydraulic oil pollution Supervision and testing work, hydraulic oil pollution should be replaced, and made of hydraulic seal storage and storage work. According to a comprehensive analysis and comparison, Hydraulic Seal from the selection of suitable materials and the appropriate structure of the commonly used hydraulic seal.

Installation of hydraulic seal:

1. Check the piston, cylinder and installation guide sleeve related to the surface, full package clean, no burr, no edge.

2. Installation tools require smooth, no edges, sharp corners, to ensure that the installation process will not cause any damage to the seal

3 can be installed in the seal and cylinder-related surface diagram of a small amount of grease to facilitate the installation, Hydraulic Seal but the rubber elastomer and sliding seal ring between the residual grease is not allowed, otherwise it will affect the sealing performance.

Whether it is vertical or horizontal installation should keep the piston and cylinder coaxial, Hydraulic Seal too large eccentricity is likely to damage the seal.

5. Installation speed should not be too fast, otherwise it will damage the seal.

6. Storage and storage of hydraulic seal: hydraulic seal storage and storage, the hydraulic seal should be sealed into the sealed PTFE and other moisture-proof plastic bags, Hydraulic Seal and make the storage date and other records, and then stored in the shade, to avoid high temperature Or direct sunlight and other storage and poor management to reduce its sealing performance.