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Fluorine Rubber Oil Seal Working Temperature Can Reach 325 Degrees

May 18, 2017

Want to let the fluorine rubber seal to play a normal seal, you must use the correct installation method to install it in place. Then in the process of loading should pay attention to the following questions:

First of all pay attention to the fluorine rubber seal and shaft when the vertical tolerance. Normally the vertical tolerance is a variable parameter. FKM Oil Seal Tolerance changes will basically follow a certain law, that is: when the diameter of the shaft is less than or equal to 25mm, the vertical tolerance must be Xiaoyu 0.1mm, when the diameter of the shaft between 25 to 28 mm, the vertical tolerance must be controlled Within 0.2mm, the last is greater than 80mm of a situation, the tolerance as far as possible within 0.3 control.

Second, pay attention to the use of fixtures and presses.

Finally, before the installation of fluorine rubber oil seal will be soaked in oil for some time, to remove the debris on the surface. FKM Oil Seal The other is the choice of fluorine rubber seal when the oil seal on the lip whether there is burr and rust, spring spring elasticity is good.

Fluorine rubber oil seal with the following advantages is a lot of brand products can not match!

Advantage 1: superior to other brands of high temperature characteristics, rubber and domestic rubber research institute co-development, and with many universities have close relations of cooperation. So the unique fluorine rubber oil seal the working temperature can reach 325 degrees high temperature, compared to the general product 200 degrees of high temperature work range, there are obvious advantages.

Advantages of two: superior corrosion resistance, due to fluorine rubber seal itself corrosion resistance, Transtech Services FKM Oil Seal in research and development of corrosion resistance into a lot of manpower and material resources, greatly improved the fluorine rubber seal on the different fuel oil and lubricants Of the stability, and the vast majority of organic acids and benzene with excellent corrosion resistance.

Advantages 3: good low temperature performance, usually other brands of fluorine rubber oil seal low temperature limit of minus 15 degrees, and our fluorine rubber seal can be in minus 25 environment to maintain normal operation.

Advantage of four: good compression resilience and aging resistance.

Advantages of five: due to the use of unique formula, fluorine rubber seal with excellent wear characteristics.