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Fluorine Rubber Oil Seal Long Service Life

Jul 06, 2017

Fluorine rubber refers to the main chain or side chain of carbon atoms connected to the fluorine atom of a synthetic polymer elastomer. The new polymer material has the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, strong oxidizing agent and so on. It has good physical and mechanical properties and becomes the indispensable and alternative base material in modern industry, FKM Oil Seal especially in high technology field. It is widely used in national defense, military, aviation Aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and many other fields. At present the world's fluorine rubber production more than 60% for the automotive industry.

As the fluorine rubber excellent performance, application areas continue to expand, more and more types of products, the main products are all kinds of sealing materials, hoses, tape, tape, insulation materials. In the domestic mainly used in the field of automotive and aerospace, the current domestic auto parts with fluorine rubber material main products are engine crankshaft before the oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, FKM Oil Seal valve stem oil seal, engine diaphragm, engine cylinder block water ring, Hoses, fuel hoses, oil filter check valves, fuel filler cover O-ring, gearbox and reducer oil seal and so on.

Fluorine rubber seal: fluorine oak skeleton oil seal, the US FDA certified food grade fluorine rubber oil seal, the speed of 20,000 to work on the fluorine rubber seal, silicone oil seal, FKM Oil Seal high-quality fluorine rubber seal, high temperature 300 degrees oil seal, Corrosion resistant oil seal.

Fluorine rubber oil seal Details - imported fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal is the aviation, automotive, metallurgy, mining, hydraulic machinery, food machinery ideal sealing products.

Low friction coefficient, small wear on the shaft, good resistance to dry grinding;

Fluorine rubber skeleton oil temperature is good, FKM Oil Seal imported fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal can be in the range of -120 ~ +250 ℃ long-term work;

Allowing the end face to have 0.5mm beating;

Contact with the shaft for the surface to ensure that the sealing effect;

Long life, fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal can reach 400,000 km (automotive applications);

Imports of fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal all PTFE oil seal can be used in a variety of chemical medium long-term use.

Want to let the fluorine rubber seal to play a normal seal, FKM Oil Seal you must use the correct installation method to install it in place. Then the process of loading should pay attention to the following questions:

First of all pay attention to the fluorine rubber seal and shaft when the vertical tolerance. Normally the vertical tolerance is a variable parameter. Tolerance changes will basically follow a certain law, that is: when the diameter of the shaft is less than or equal to 25mm, the vertical tolerance must be Xiaoyu 0.1mm, when the diameter of the shaft between 25 to 28 mm, the vertical tolerance must be controlled In the 0.2mm or less, FKM Oil Seal the last is greater than 80mm of a situation, the tolerance as far as possible within 0.3 control.

Second, pay attention to the use of fixtures and presses.

Finally, before the installation of fluorine rubber oil seal will be soaked in oil for some time, to remove the debris on the surface. The other is the choice of fluorine rubber seal when the oil seal on the lip whether there is burr and rust, spring spring elasticity is good.