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Fluorine Rubber Oil Seal High Temperature

Jun 22, 2017

An oil seal made of fluororubber

In the rubber sealing material, its heat resistance (decomposition temperature is greater than 400 degrees Celsius), oil resistance (all kinds of fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil), solvent resistance, weather resistance (resistance to external, ozone resistance, radiation ), The chemical resistance of the best, all nitrile rubber, polyurethane rubber can not be used in high temperature environment or special working fluid, FKM Oil Seal can be used as a seal of fluorine rubber material, non-spontaneous combustion, Extinguishing, with good physical and mechanical properties, is the best of all synthetic rubber in its comprehensive strength, commonly known as "rubber king" has become a modern industry, especially high-tech fields indispensable and alternative one of the basic materials.

Fluorine rubber oil seal high temperature 260 degrees limit temperature of 300 degrees (300 degrees for a short time working temperature)

Fluorine rubber oil seal oil performance superior performance, better than our commonly used NBR rubber (Nitrile rubber) oil resistance effect of about 50 times, not including special small eye rubber. (FKM) test piece and nitrile rubber (NBR) test pieces were put into: gasoline (not heated), diesel heating 150 degrees, 260 degrees of oil, hydraulic oil 220 degrees, a variety of oil in the oil And corrosion resistance of fluorine rubber oil expansion coefficient of 0, FKM Oil Seal after heating the effect of different expansion due to the temperature coefficient of expansion: fluorine rubber oil seal, also known as: fluorine rubber seal, FKM oil seal, FPM oil seal.

Fluorine rubber oil seal wear resistance: Fluorine rubber oil seal wear resistance than the eye rubber rubber seal wear resistance is higher than the silicone oil seal wear resistance, only hydrogenated rubber than the rubber seal, hydrogenated rubber eye rubber seal (HNBR) Domestic production of this rubber seal is mostly with the automotive, military, aerospace, mining, oil and other high-speed operation of supporting the use of equipment. Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber Seals are rarely produced in small quantities because the raw material price is higher than the shortage of fluorine rubber raw materials. FKM Oil Seal Many units are now used to replace the fluorine rubber.

Fluorine rubber oil seal Uses: cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, heavy machinery, engineering machinery, engines, wheels, gearboxes, engine cooling pumps, pumps, pumps, motors, chemical plants, chemical equipment, power plants, power plants, Steel mill, rolling mill, roll, reducer, blower, hydraulic, pneumatic, cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic valve, pipe and so on.