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Fluorine Rubber Oil Seal Cold And High Temperature

Oct 30, 2017

Fluorine rubber oil seal is widely used in defense, military, automotive and aviation, aerospace and oil fields, fluorine rubber oil seal is also used in drilling machinery, oil refining equipment, natural gas desulfurization device, can withstand high temperature and high pressure oil and strong corrosive media and other harsh In the military industry, fluorine rubber is mainly used for aerospace, aviation and launch vehicles, FKM Oil Seal in the field of fluoride, rubber and other materials, Satellites, fighters, new tank oil seals, FKM Oil Seal tubing and electrical line sheathing, etc., is one of the key seal materials that can not be replaced in the national defense cutting-edge industry.

The advantages of the fluorine rubber seal are in the rubber sealing material, its heat resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance of the best, all in clear rubber, polyurethane rubber can not use the high temperature environment or special working fluid , FKM Oil Seal Can be used as a sealant with fluorine rubber seal material, he is all synthetic rubber in its comprehensive ability of good oil seal material, the industry also known as the "rubber king" to become a modern industry, especially high-tech fields indispensable and Alternative base sealing material oh.

Fluorine rubber oil seal is composed of fluorine-containing monomer copolymerization of organic elastomers. Its characteristics of high temperature up to 300 ℃, Naisuan Jian, FKM Oil Seal oil resistance is the best oil-resistant rubber, anti-radiation, high vacuum performance; electrical insulation, dull performance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance, Aging is good.

Fluorine rubber oil seal Features:

1, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, no yellowing;

2, soft, flexible, FKM Oil Seal resistant to twist solid shape;

3, no cracking, long life, FKM Oil Seal cold and high temperature;

4, with a higher tear strength and good electrical performance;

5, specifications categories: Φ0.8mm ~ Φ1200mm can be produced according to customer specifications;

6, commonly used colors: transparent, white (according to customer requirements custom color)