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Development Prospects Of Rubber Products

Feb 14, 2017

In 2011, the European debt crisis continues to spread, international market sensitive domestic economic downturn, applied in the national economy wide and play an important role in the rubber products industry, will inevitably be affected. Meanwhile, upstream of the three major natural rubber exporting country has formed a strategic alliance to push up rubber prices, resulting in rubber products industries due to increased production costs cut production; policy risks to auto manufacturing industry and raw materials, and real estate industry macro control policies have yet to relax. Under the influence of many factors, resulting in slowing the development of rubber industry.

10 key foreign-owned tire production and operation of enterprises in January 2013: tire production fell to 0.53%, an increase of 32.22%, including radial tire production increased 44.28%; tire export delivery volume grew by 30.55%; value of finished goods inventories fell-7.46%, achieved a great start.

January figures were better than the same period last year, industry pick up the situation clear: in January this year, tire production in China jumped, export improvements, finished first in the value of negative growth. Because of last year's Spring Festival in January, the less effective working days, resulting in a low base, large increases. Radial tire production in recent months, basically maintain 10% growth, and continued to decline in value terms finished, shows that China's tire demand continued to improve, pick up are then.