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Classification Of Rubber Shock Absorbers

Feb 14, 2017

Depending on the conditions of use, the rubber shock absorber parts can be designed in a variety of types. At present, there are more than 10 of the most commonly used species.

1) JP-rubber shock absorbers: applies to electronic instruments, protect the machine from vibration and shock.

2) JPZ three to shock absorber stiffness: mainly for the aerospace and aviation instrumentation.

3) JPZ-small air damper: used in aerospace, aviation, marine and other isolation and anti-shock device.

4) JG shear damper: for fans, air compressors, chillers, pumps and precision instruments and devices.

5) Z-shaped rubber shock absorbers: widely used in all kinds of machinery, instruments, machines, equipment, etc.

6) 6JX type shock absorber: used in ships, vehicles, and other power machinery.

7) 6WN locomotive shock absorber: the internal combustion engine host.

8) "31'-rubber damper: for marine diesel engine and electronic scales.

9) SH-type two-plate damper: machinery and equipment for ships.

WJ rubber shock absorber

WJ rubber shock absorber

10) JV-cylindrical spring shock absorbers: for all kinds of instruments.

11)-YU cylindrical shock absorber: marine main engine, auxiliary machinery, and other equipment.

12) WJ rubber damper: the application is very extensive, affordable load in any direction.