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China (Shanghai) International Sealing Products And Technology Exhibition 2018

May 31, 2018


Dry gas seal、Hydraulic seal、Pneumatic seal、Power transmission seal、Rotary seal、Magnetic fluid seal、Floating oil seal、Mechanical seal、Skeleton oil seal、Fluid seal、Compressor seal、Chemical seal、Electric seal、Locomotive sealed、Pump seal、pump (valve) pipe seal、ceramic seal、 bellows seal、Piston seal and spring seal etc.

sealing material

Packing、metal winding gasket、non asbestos gasket、asbestos gasket、dentiform gasket、graphite composite cushion、cushion、cushion、elliptic cone wave pad、flexible graphite sheet、graphite sheet、graphite gasket、 asbestos cloth、asbestos rope、oil resistant plate、pipe、bar、 filled PTFE sheet、non asbestos rubber sheet asbestos rubber plate、High strength graphite plate and other sealing materials

Sealed production of raw materials

Graphite、rubber、nitrile、fluorine rubber、silicone、resin plastic、POM, oil-resistant plastic、PVC, and other sealing raw materials

Sealing processing equipment

Seal test/measuring equipment、A special production device for sealing、Rotary seal (rotary shaft seal)Sealing device and auxiliary equipment