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All Colorful O Rings With Different Materials

Jan 10, 2019

All Colorful O rings with different materials 


Features: high temperature resistant 280 degrees, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, hardness 75.

Color: often green, customizable black brown and red orange.

Application: high temperature and chemical environment, valve, auto parts, etc.highly required product seal.


Features: high temperature 200 degrees, common hardness 50, good waterproof.

Color: often red and translucent, can be customized to various colors.

Application: all kinds of waterproof ring, various lamps and lanterns, electronic products, food and kitchen utensils, tableware.


Features: oil resistant, low price, waterproof, hardness 70.

Color: often black.

Application: wide application, low requirement of gas, water, oil and other products sealed.

Please welcome OEM or ODM of all kinds of materials, including EPDM, PU, PTFE and other rubber products, such as o-ring, flat gasket, etc.