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Wear Resistance Of Fluorine Rubber Seal

Jun 09, 2017

There are many materials for the production of oil seal, which is the most popular fluorine rubber seal, because it has a lot of exclusive features and its application is more extensive, fluorine rubber seal known as the fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal, oil seal is also known as the rotating shaft lip Type seal. Fluorine rubber oil seal good characteristics mainly because it inherited the properties of fluorine plastic, FKM Oil Seal then fluorine rubber seal which has the exclusive characteristics of other materials are not the oil seal it?

First, the fluorine rubber oil seal has good high temperature characteristics.

Because of its oil seal body is made of fluoro glue, it can work in the 200-250 degrees Celsius, some imported fluorine glue can be 300 hours of high temperature work. But with the temperature rise of fluorine rubber seal hardness and tensile values will be significantly decreased. FKM Oil Seal The temperature at which different temperatures fall is not the same.

Second, the fluorine rubber seal has corrosion resistance.

This is also the inheritance of the properties of fluorine glue, so that fluorine rubber seal on the machine liquid, different fuel oil and lubricants stability is excellent, FKM Oil Seal for most of the organic acids, hydrocarbons, benzene and toluene have good corrosion resistance.

Third, with good compression permanent deformation characteristics.

Fourth, fluorine rubber oil seal low temperature characteristics.

Fluorine (FKM) can maintain the elastic limit of the temperature of -15 ~ -20 degrees, with the temperature drop, its tensile strength becomes larger, at low temperatures appear tough. Thickness of 2MM, the brittle temperature of -30 degrees; thickness of 1.87MM, the temperature of -45 degrees; thickness 0.63MM, the temperature is -53 degrees; thickness of 0.25, the temperature is -69 degrees. General use of fluorine rubber temperature can be slightly lower than the brittle temperature.

Fifth, fluorine rubber oil seal weather resistance and ozone resistance

In the air with an ozone concentration of 0.01%, FKM Oil Seal no significant cracking occurred after 45 days.

Sixth, fluorine rubber seal wear characteristics.

Fluorine rubber seal has good wear resistance, high-tech rubber and plastic production of fluorine rubber seal can run continuously for 1,000 hours without leakage and quality problems.