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X-ring 's function

Jun 15, 2018

Dynamic sealing application:

For sealing reciprocating pistons, piston rods, plungers.

A shaft or spindle used to seal swing, rotation or spiral motion.

Static seal application:

Seal radially stationary parts such as sleeves, end caps, and tubes.

Seals axially stationary parts such as flanges, covers, etc.

Working parameters:

Dynamic seal:

Reciprocating motion: ≤ 5Mpa Without retaining ring: ≤ 30Mpa Use the retaining ring.

Rotary motion: ≤ 5Mpa using the ring.

Static seal: ≤ 5MPa Without retaining ring: ≤ 40Mpa Use the retaining ring.

Speed of work:

Reciprocating motion: ≤ 0.5m/s.

Rotary motion: ≤ 2m/s.

Temperature range: (depending on material and medium).

Typical applications: -30°C to 110°C.

Special materials: -30°C~200°C.

Rotary motion: -30°C to 80°C.

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