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X-Ring Quad Rings

Apr 24, 2018

A double-acting four lip seal for static and dynamic applications. Quad-Rings (also known as X-Rings) are available in a wide range of elastomer compounds. Provides higher seal efficiency and lower friction than conventional O-Rings.

Avoiding Spiral Twist

To minimize breakaway friction, an O-Ring groove must be wide enough to allow rolling or twisting of the seal. In the long stroke of a reciprocating seal application, this twisting action can strain and eventually tear the rubber, causing a failure mode known as the spiral twist.

To prevent spiral twist, the Quad-Ring seal’s four-lobed configuration is designed to withstand the distortion and extrusion often caused by high or pulsating pressure. To accommodate these forces, a Quad-Ring seal uses a narrower groove than a comparable O-Ring seal.

No Parting Line on Sealing Surface

Unlike O-Rings, where partitioning lines are on the

sealing surface, Quad-Rings seal’s parting lines lie between the lobes, away from the sealing surface. This design eliminates the problems of leakage resulting from a parting line’s irregular surface

Longer Seal Life

Because less squeeze means less friction with the four-lobe design, seals last longer. This means equipment in which the Quad-Ring seal is installed will operate longer and require less maintenance.