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what is UN piston seal

Jun 04, 2018

What is UN piston seal?

 In fact, the UN seal refers to the universal sealing technology between the piston and the piston rod, commonly known as UN oil seal or piston oil seal. And because its commonly used sealing material is polyurethane rubber products, it is also known as polyurethane seals or polyurethane seals.

First, the role of UN polyurethane seals and engineering operating temperature

UN piston oil seal due to the use of polyurethane rubber material, the polyurethane hardness is generally between 90. The size and cross section of the polyurethane oil seal are the same as the height of the inner and outer sealing lip, and its sealing function is to prevent the intrusion of particles dust and dirt foreign objects. It is a universal series of shaft hole seals. Its engineering ambient temperature is between -40°C~+100°C.

Second, the advantages of UN polyurethane seals and a wide range of reasons for use

The advantages of piston polyurethane UN oil seals are the outstanding extrusion impact resistance in the working state, the uncompressible deformation and the excellent wear resistance, and it is very suitable for operation in harsh engineering environment conditions.

Why is the UN piston seal widely used? Due to its advantages, it can be used for heavy-duty Dedex mechanical seal box industrial hydraulic seals (such as various models of hydraulic cylinders, cylinders, piston rods or piston seals) with a dust-proof effect, with good sealing effect.

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