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What is FEP Encapsulated O Ring?

Jun 07, 2018

What is FEP Encapsulated O Ring?

PTFE FEP O RING combines the rubber's elasticity and scalability with the chemical resistance of Teflon. 

It is composed of a silicone or fluoroelastomer core and a relatively thin Teflon FEP (polytetrafluoroethylene). 

This is a combination of propylene or Teflon FPA (soluble Teflon) outer covering. This rubber Teflon seal has excellent sealing properties. 

Rubber O-rings are subject to wear, chemical and gas-permeability resistances, and the high hardness of pure Teflon O-rings can give compression but poor elasticity. 

The friction coefficient of the outer cover Teflon FEP/Teflon FPA is very small (only 0.1~0.2), and it has excellent resistance to gas permeability. 

These properties make the sealing ring can really be used in harsh environments.

The PTFE-coated O-ring replaces the Australian-based perfluoro elastomer O-ring.

Application industry

Chemical process

2. Aircraft manufacturing

3. Pharmaceutical industry

4. Transportation of petroleum and chemicals

5. Refinery

6. Film industry

7. Refrigeration Engineering

8. Food processing industry

9. Paper industry

10. Dye manufacturing

11. Paint spraying

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