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What is a silicone rubber gasket?

Aug 24, 2020

What is a silicone rubber gasket?

Silicone rubber gaskets are high-performance mechanical seals with an extraordinary resistance to extreme temperatures. Silicone gaskets are used to prevent leaks between different substrate sections in a wide range of applications. 

Silicone gasket uses

Silicone rubber gaskets have an excellent temperature resistance in both hot and cold environments. They also have exceptional UV and ozone properties which makes them suitable for outdoor applications. Being an inert material, silicone generally does not react to the majority of chemicals, which means that it is popular for use in medical and industrial applications.

Our silicone gasket range also includes:

● Insertion silicone gaskets
● Platinum cured silicone rubber gaskets
● Metal detectable silicone gaskets
● Silicone rubber gaskets with 40° hardness
● Flame retardant silicone gasket grades

Silicone gasket temperature

One of the many extraordinary properties of gaskets in silicone material is that they are extremely resilient and can uphold a lot of their properties at very high and low temperatures. The low temperature properties of a silicone gasket are unmatched by any other elastomer. In fact, our silicone rubber gaskets can remain flexible at temperatures between -100°C to +230°C. This makes our gasket material the ideal material for applications exposed to such extreme temperatures.

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