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Vee Packing Seal

Jun 22, 2020

Vee Packing Seal 

V-packing, also called vee packing, chevron packing, and parachute packing, made with various Elastomers, and PTFE based materials, and is used in Pumps and Valves to seal the fluid or gas being moved.

We Tianjin SWKS produces multiple-lip (chevron) Seals or Vee Packings that consist of a group of endless rings and are usually used for sealing rods, pistons, plungers in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic presses.V-Packings are used for low or high pressure applications with Single or Double acting cylinder.

V-Packings are also used in various Oilfield Downhole equipment such as various Valves etc.V-Packings are extremely suitable for usage in medium to heavy duty applications.Vee Packings accept low and high pressure while operating in the most extreme conditions and also if there exists any misalignment between the sealing gaps.

Some of the standard materials in which Vee Packings are available are
Graphite, Moly, Glass filled PTFE V-Packing
Filled PTFE (Filled with Glass, Graphite, Carbon, Moly etc) V-Packing
Homogeneous NBR 90 Shore A V-Packing
NBR Vee-Packings with Fabric reinforcement V-Packing.

NBR fabric vee packing
FPM V-Packing.

FPM fiber vee packing
Aflas V-Packing.

vee packing