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The performance of hydraulic seals

Oct 28, 2020

The performance of hydraulic seals

As the pressure of hydraulic oil increases, its sealing effect is automatically improved. Even in harsh working environments such as high pressure and high temperature, the leakage of hydraulic seals does not increase significantly.

Good compatibility Because hydraulic seals are immersed in hydraulic oil for a long time, they are very easy to swell, dissolve or become embrittled and harden, causing them to lose their sealing effect. Therefore, hydraulic seals are required to have good compatibility with hydraulic oil.

Small frictional resistance In order to avoid or reduce the low-pressure crawling of hydraulic equipment, hydraulic seals are required to have low static and dynamic friction resistance, and their friction coefficient should be very stable.

Long service life Hydraulic seals should have good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and certain physical and mechanical strength, and have a long service life.

Low-priced hydraulic seals should be easy to manufacture and install, and their corresponding sealing grooves are easy to process and manufacture, have low requirements on the processing accuracy of the sealing surface, and are low-priced.

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