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The cause of leakage at the outer edge of the oil seal

Apr 25, 2018

The cause of leakage at the outer edge of the oil seal

When an oil seal leaks, it is important to analyze the different conditions of the leak and take different measures.

Leakage at different stages of the oil seal should be divided into:

1, impervious, do not see the moisture on the seal;

2, moist, in the sealing edge area does not affect the sealing function of the moisture film, but the moisture film does not extend to the back;

3, wet, moisture film extended to the back, and the formation of water droplets, but has not been continuously dropping;

4, measurable leakage, you can see the outside of the cavity with the flow of identifiable small flow out of the back of the oil seal;

5. Temporary leaks, short-term failures of the sealing system, such as those caused by particles of contaminants under the sealing edge, which can be washed away while they are in use;

6. Significant leakage, temporary leakage leads to sealing lip and dust lip due to excess grease between the sealing lip and the dust lip. An overflow of grease appears as a significant leak outside the system.

In addition, the cause of the leak is analyzed based on the time course of the operation of the oil seal. For example, the early breakage of the leak immediately after use; the premature breakage of the leak after a short time of use; and the damage of the leak in the work project after a long period of use. And the occurrence of leakage damage at the end of the service life of the oil seal design.