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Nitrile rubber

Apr 24, 2018

Nitrile rubber


The copolymer obtained by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile is called butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, or nitrile rubber for short. Its content is an important indicator of the performance of nitrile rubber. And is known for its excellent oil resistance.

The oil resistance is best, and the non-polar and weakly polar oils do not substantially swell.

The heat-resistant oxygen aging performance is superior to natural rubber such as styrene butadiene.

Better wear resistance, its wear resistance is 30%-45% higher than natural rubber.

Chemical resistance is better than natural rubber, but resistance to strong oxidizing acids is poor.

Elasticity, cold resistance, bending resistance, tear resistance, deformation heat.

Poor electrical insulation, it belongs to semi-conductor rubber and should not be used as electrical insulation material.

Ozone resistance is poor.

Poor processing performance.

It is used to make hoses, rollers, gaskets, tank linings, aircraft fuel tank linings, and large oil tanks for contact with oil.

It can manufacture transport belts that carry hot materials.