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TA ,TB and TC seal respective uses

Jun 01, 2018

TA ,TB and TC seal respective uses:

1. They are all different styles of oil seals for rotary motion.

2, TA: lips, with springs installed, double iron shell (shell shell shell)

TB: Double lips, with mounting springs, housing shell

TC: Lips, with mounting springs, rubber covered

3, use: sealing device - to prevent the outflow of lubricant and external dirt invasion

4, the use of boundaries: line speed - 10 m / s, temperature - 120 °C, pressure - 0.3 kg / cm ^ 2

5, TA, TB function is the same, TA strengthens the outer diameter of the oil seal used in large diameter, TC is widely used in the assembly holes of various materials, allowing a larger degree of surface roughness.

TC OIL SEAL (3).jpg