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The properties of natural rubber

Apr 24, 2018

The chemical properties of natural rubber. Because of the unsaturated double bonds, natural rubber is a material with a strong chemical reaction ability. Light, heat, ozone, radiation, bending deformation, and copper, manganese, and other metals can promote the aging of rubber, and aging resistance is natural rubber. The fatal weaknesses, but natural rubber added antioxidants, sometimes seen in the sun exposure for two, months still do not see much change, and can still be used as usual after three years of storage in the warehouse.

Natural rubber resistance to media properties. Natural rubber has good alkali resistance, but it is not strong and strong. Because natural rubber is a non-polar rubber, it can only tolerate some polar solvents and swells in non-polar solvents. Therefore, its oil resistance and solvent resistance are very poor. In general, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, and fluidized carbon Ethers, ethers, higher ketones and higher fatty acids all have a dissolving effect on natural rubber, but their solubility is affected by the degree of plasticity, while lower ketones, lower vinegar, and alcohols are non-solvents for natural rubber.