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Skeleton oil seal requirements for placement environment

Oct 29, 2019

Skeleton oil seals are precision components. Improper assembly and storage can also affect performance. Oil seals should be noted when transporting and storing:

1 Do not open the original packaging, pay attention to whether the packaging is damaged, try to keep the oil seal in the original packaging before assembly;

2 Avoid direct sunlight, and do not place it near high temperature heat sources, as this will cause the rubber to age;

3 Oil seals should not be scattered at random, pay attention to dust and soil, and ensure that the oil seal is closed or covered:

4 When transporting and using the oil seal, in order to prevent deformation of the oil seal and spring off, please do not give excessive impact;

5 oil seals can not be tied with a string, nor do they hang on nails or metal wires, which will damage the sealing lip;

6 Do not put the oil seal in a damp place. This will rust the metal parts;

7 Do not place the seal near the TV and where ozone is generated;

8 Please do not rub the end of the lip with your nails or hard objects to prevent damage to the sealing lip.

NBR TC oil seal (1)