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Silicone Rubber

Apr 24, 2018

It refers to a kind of elastic material with Si—O units in the molecular chain and side groups as monovalent organic groups, which are collectively called organopolysiloxanes.

Both high temperature and cold resistance can maintain flexibility in the range of -100 °C ~ 300 °C.

Ozone resistance, weather resistance, and aging performance.

Excellent electrical insulation. The electrical insulation of the vulcanizate is less affected by moisture, water, or temperature.

With hydrophobic surface characteristics and physiological inertia, harmless to the human body.

With high permeability, its air permeability is 10~100 times more than ordinary rubber.

The physical and mechanical properties are poor, and the tensile strength, tear strength, and wear resistance are much lower than those of natural rubber and other synthetic rubbers.

Applied in aviation, aerospace, automotive, smelting and other industrial sectors.

Also widely used as medical materials.

For military industry, automotive parts, petrochemicals, medical and health and electronics industries, such as molded products, O-rings, gaskets, hoses, oil seals, dynamic and static seals and sealants, adhesives and so on.