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silicone o ring temperature range

May 16, 2018

Here is a rubber temperature chart that provides high and low-temperature ranges for all popular rubber materials. The closer that your material is to the limit of your rubber temperature range, the faster the material will degrade. Also, notice that Silicone has high rubber temperature resistance and also great low rubber temperature resistance. However, before you choose Silicone for an O-ring seal due to its O-ring temperature range, there are also other Silicone shortcomings so make sure that it can withstand your particular environment 

ElastomerLow FHigh F
Buna-N (Nitrile)-40250
Butadiene, Styrene Butadiene-50212
Chloroprene (NeopreneĀ®)-45260
Ethylene Propylene-60260
Fluorocarbon (VitonĀ®)-25400
Hydrogenated Nitrile-30330
Natural Rubber / Isoprene-55210