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Silicone Inner Core Encapsulated O-ring

May 14, 2020

Benefits of Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals

· Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and gas permeability

· Cost efficient alternative to Kalrez and similar perfluoroelastomer 'O'-Rings

· Low coefficient of friction allowing reduced wear of equipment

· Adaptive sealing force of an elastomeric 'O'-Ring

· Resistant to compression set/cold flow issues of solid 'O'-Rings

Encapsulation Options 

· FEP Encapsulation
Standard material for all applications up to 205°C, resistant to virtually all chemicals and joined by an advanced heat moulding process to give a seamless encapsulation.

· PFA Encapsulation
Same properties as FEP encapsulation but with greater heat resistance for applications above 205°C. Also resistant to virtually all chemicals and joined seamlessly via advanced heat moulding process.


Silicone Inner Core Encapsulated o ring
Commercially best material option combined with lower Shore Hardness and greater elasticity than FKM, providing an excellent material choice for the majority of applications.

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